Alternate Therapies

Any of various systems of healing or treating disease, that are not included in the traditional curriculum taught in medical schools are known as Alternative Therapies. Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. There are many healing modalities practiced by healers all over the world. We have integrated Tarot, Meditation and crystal therapy to provide a holistic experience to our clients.

We start the coaching process by conducting a holistic assessment through conversations and questionnaires to determine the different aspects of the self that might impact the individual’s well being. Based on the findings we design a unique plan of action which address the key areas for change, which therapies to deploy, so that the inner balance, happiness and personal power can be restored. The plan of action is supported by a coaching series so new awareness is generated and healthier habits can be created for the long run. The process is empowering and highly rewarding. Follow-up sessions are used as a supporting tool for clients to sustain changes made and is planned based on the client’s unique needs.

Tarot Cards

In most people’s minds, “Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. But that’s not really what Tarot cards are about. In fact, they’re not even really meant to tell your fortune or future.It all boils down to your subconscious mind.

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Crystal Theraphy

We at Soul Symphony believe that Coaching should address the complete self: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, therefore we complement the coaching process with healing modalities to provide a complete support system in place.Crystals are mother nature’s greatest gift to the mankind.

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