Corporate Coaching

Soul symphony is a corporate training company in india which provide coaching programs which are unique, flexible and effective. Every organization aspires for the personal growth of their employees which will in turn help the organization to grow.

Our programs focus on the holistic development and yet take care of the specific agenda too. If an employee is happy and motivated from within he or she will perform their best. All our programs are a blend of modern techniques and intuitive wisdom. Attendees are taken on a journey of self-discovery. They emerge as more balanced and attain more clarity in life.

Executive coaching

This is an individual coaching program for the employees with high potential. We provide a confidential and supportive sounding board to the executives. Mentoring and coaching is vital so that they can move swiftly on the growth trajectory. They are provided with the 4-dimensional personality profile which uncovers their strengths and weaknesses. Most of the assessments point towards the blind spots but do not give any guidance to improve, whereas we treat this assessment as a foundation to the coaching program and help the executive coachee to gain self- awareness and establish development goals. Our programs will challenge their assumptions, consequently the coachee gain clarity. The executive coaching program moves in sync with the organizational goals so that it benefits the executive as well as the organization.

Group coaching

Group coaching sessions by Soul Symphony are crafted to take you on a peace trail. Whenever we asked people that “what do they want the most in life?” The answer only revolved around one thing: “Peace of Mind” Our programs focus on the material and the spiritual aspects of life, considering both to be equally important and two sides of the same coin: Life.

Most of the people suffer from anxiety and stress. These programs aim at relieving stress and anxiety. Common issues like work-life balance and time management will be addressed in a unique manner so that all the attendees gain insights and implement them to gain clarity.

Difference between Training and Coaching

Training and Coaching are poles apart.

Training modules have a set content and it is being delivered by the trainer. It treats all the candidates at par. Training aims at building a person’s skills and knowledge in order to meet the accepted standards by the industry. Even though, the employee has attained the highest academic qualifications, there is always a gap between the hard skills which he or she has acquired and the interpersonal skills which are required to grow in a profession.

Coaching on the other hand is need based. There are no pre-set modules or scripts. In a real coaching relationship,the coach will assess the attendees’ requirements and craft a session which will focus on the holistic development and empower them through various tools and techniques so that they can connect to their inner wisdom and the higher self.

Why us?

Corporate Coaching at Soul Symphony is one of its kind. Whether it is executive coaching or group coaching we focus on creating positivity and changing perceptions. We believe that the situation is never good or bad but the way we perceive it makes it so. There is no way out to avoid the problems, but one must learn how to handle them being calm and poised.

We challenge the assumptions and perceptions of the individuals and treat them as unique beings. Once the candidate’s attitude is positive and mental clarity is there, the haze and the fog which covers the mind and creates confusion and hopelessness will fade away.

Coaching session are a blend of practical aspects and intuitive wisdom. We use various NLP tools and techniques. Mindful Meditation is also a part of our programs. 4 -Dimensional Personality Profiling System is also used to provide useful insights.


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