Do You Have Any Life Goals?

– Do You Have Any Life Goals?

A very thought provoking question. Are you leading a life or living it. A human being leading a life is much similar to a leaf flowing with the stream of water. The force and direction of the stream decide the course of the leaf. This can be compared to various circumstances and incidents which shape up a human being’s life, who always think himself as a victim of time. On the other hand, someone living his life has a courage to swim against the flow. They carve their own niche. They challenge themselves and others too. They have their “Life Goals”. They have a vision for themselves and they respect their individuality.

Most of us are governed by our own limitations created by us only. This reminds me of an interesting story wherein a baby elephant was tied with a rope to a pole soon after his birth. Poor animal started taking rounds and tired of trying to break free eventually stopped trying. As the time passed the elephant grew big in size and strength but continued taking rounds around the pole. Though the rope became weak but the pattern of taking rounds repeatedly without trying to break free became much stronger. Don’t you find it similar to what is happening with most of us? The negative patterns become so deeply engraved in us that they become our identity. We do not even try to break free. We feel good in our comfort Zone, where no one disturbs us. What if we realize our potential and break free from the bondages of negative patterns? What if we start focusing on what we want rather than what we do not have? As what we focus on grows…But the question is how can we break free? Here comes the role of a Life Coach, who is simply defined as a professional who helps his or her clients to attain their goals in life. A life Coach can help you gain clarity in your thought and action. You will stop wandering aimlessly and can really uncover your potential. You will start living your life rather than leading it.

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