Personality Profile

Simple and affordable

Clarity4D personality profile offers a development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.

Many a times one is unable to find out the reasons for a particular behavior pattern, like

  1. Unable to express emotions
  2. Unable to say “no”
  3. Procrastination
  4. Lack of persistence
  5. No Resilience
  6. Over or under aggressiveness And many more…

The Profile will give you a detailed information about your personality type. It will open a range of possibilities for you so that you can improve the flaws in your personality

This program is complete in itself, as once you receive the personality profile, you will be coached to convert your weaknesses into your strengths. The uniqueness of this program is that not only you will get to know about the flaws, but guidance is also provided. So, you rediscover your true self and understand your personality type.

The Profiling Program will bring in lot of self-acceptance and self-love. Unless and until you respect yourself, no one else will.

Also, you will learn ways to enhance your personal capabilities through follow up coaching sessions.

The Process

A questionnaire will be sent to you. Once you attempt it, a personality report will follow. Understanding self, others and interactions can be single most important aspect of personal development. This is a powerful and enlightening personal learning experience.

Four Dimensions

  • First dimension: The recognition and understanding of self.
  • Second dimension: The perception of self by others
  • Third dimension: The hidden potential
  • Fourth dimension: The time it takes to develop our potential

This is a 4 stage process: each stage of the four dimensions is incorporated into the profile and allows for several interventions which create long-term change and development for individuals and company culture.

From the Ancient Greeks to Jung Each individual is different. Understanding self and how you relate to others is arguably the single most important aspect of personal development. The Clarity4D approach is linked to Hippocrates and the Aristotle who identified the 4 elements – water, fire, air and earth. This, combined with the work of Carl Jung the Swiss psychologist, who recognized that individuals have a “preference” for the way they behave, has inspired us to create the Clarity4D profiling system. It is a powerful and enlightening personal learning experience

Red (Fire)

Red (Fire) energy is demonstrated by people who are highly energetic and action orientated. They are positive, straight-talking and assertive. They are focused and enjoy the challenge of achieving quick results. They are logical, practical thinkers who have an objective approach which can sometimes overlook the needs of other people.

Yellow (Air)

Yellow (Air) energy is displayed by people who are outward going, sociable and fun-loving. They enjoy the company of other like-minded people and are happy to stand out in a crowd, often enjoying being the centre of attention. They are persuasive, charming and can sometimes overwhelm people with their enthusiastic energy.

Green (Earth)

Green (Earth) energy is observed in people who are warm and friendly in an under-stated way. They value close relationships and will be loyal and supportive of their family and friends. They like to create a harmonious atmosphere and prefer consensus to confrontation, which can sometimes make them appear indecisive and laid-back.

Blue (Water)

Blue (Water) energy is shown by people who are introspective and reserved. They like to observe others and think before taking action. They are happy in their own company, and can give an independent, detached analysis, which can sometimes give the impression of aloofness.


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